I thought it would be useful to list the members wth the highest profession skills in each profession; that way if you need something you know who to ask for it! Also, for members who are planning on starting a new skill, they can (if they want to) choose a skill or specialisation that isn't already represented in the guild. :)

Anyone can update the page with their professions/level; if someone else has listed the same profession as you but has a significantly lower skill than you, you can take them off when you list yourself - but bear in mind it might lead to members asking you for stuff ingame.

So, to start off:

Ursarix; Skinning 375, Elemental Leatherworking 349 (dammit!)

Gouda; Mining 320, Enchanting 335

Autumnwind; Herbalist 325, Enginering 295

Edjy; Tailoring 335, Enchanting 275 :/ hopefully they will grow soon