Who are Gouda ?

Well he is a 31 year old male native to the viking kingdom of Denmark He works as an IT consultant in a telemarketing bureau. Time is passed with his soon to be wife Autumnwind and by playing wow or Battlefield 2.

In game he plays the insanely powerfull paladin that noone can stop. His alter ego is a little Hunter named Fallshot

He isnt new to the game and have been playing almost since the beta and have several end game chars on Dragonblight.

Mostly he likes the old instances. BRD, LBRS and especially UBRS but also Scholomance and Stratholm is among his favorites. He dosn't really care that much for the Outlands and he believe that TBC has made the game worse.

He prefers a cozy guild where we dont get to big or to serius but where we keep doing things together and helping eachother when we can.

/HUgs to all and PINK TABARD FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!